(Coat West) Story 3rd Episode: Power Harassment

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

aaaand that’s what we see here. A lot of men abusing their power!



I like this one a lot actually. Its my favorite one from the series. Probably because it has a lot of great actors in it! We got Nagi, Tsubasa, Jin, Kai, Koh, Soh, and that one kid from the “Romance” series whos name I forgot. Geez, I hope forgetting names isn’t going to be a normal thing. Ah! Teru, that’s his name! Moooving On!

Scene One

Oh No!! Soh got caught stealing underwear! If he doesn’t do as security guard Masaki Koh says, he’ll be in big…ger trouble!

s1g1 (2)


So what does Koh want? To see Soh in those panties of course! XD Koh lets out his inner freak and gives the old pair a sniff…then goes for the ones Sho is wearing!

s1g2 (2)s1g3

You may wonder what happens next, well you’ll have to watch to find out, but its pretty clear Koh tears that ass up! 

s1g4 (2)s1g5 (2)

Scene 2

We enter with Dr. Tsubasa watching something i’m pretty sure would get him fired if he were caught…I hope the volume was down at least…


Enter Teru, who seems to have burned both of his hands. My imagination tells me it was a science lab accident. so a trip to Dr. Tsubasa it is! Blah, Blah, Blah stuff happens, dicks come out, condom goes on and good times pursue! I know I’d feel a hell of a lot better after a trip to Tsubasa!


Scene 3

Alright, So this was my least favorite scene. Which is sad because I like Kai. Anywho, we start with Kai taking care of a sickly…brother? Senpai? I dunno, I wasn’t really listening so I can’t even tell you who’s abusing who here. But the tender touches lead to hard members and they bang, bang, bang! (Anyone a VIP? lol)


Scene 4

Of course they save the best for last! My Favorite scene from the film. One thing you should know about me is, there are several JGV Actors I have a bias for, and Jin is one of them…well more so Shin (which is Jin after he left Coat West and moved to Boyslab.) Here we have a younger Jin with Nagi and It’s closing time at the bar.



Nagi is in charge here and has Jin make him some gin! Ok…not really, it’ a martini or some shiz…but wouldn’t that have been great?


Then Nagi moves in and shows him how its done! By shaking and pouring water lol!



Just in case you forgot, the name of this film is Power Harassment, soooo, yeh…Nagi just drugged Jin. 

s4g6insta (2) - Copy

Time to fondle and fuck! ^_^


Updated link below!



9 thoughts on “(Coat West) Story 3rd Episode: Power Harassment

  1. i think the movie stops around min 40.. i had already try to download twice.. could u please check or reupload.. thanks a lotzz, coz i really want to see nagi here.. 😀


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  6. Please re-upload this ! I found this over 1 year. And you know, I was very happy when I found your website had this BUT the file had error when it stop at 45:00 😦


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