(KO Company) Handsome Youth Lewd Tongue Service

First Film! Wooo!

This film sets it’s focus on what you’d expect it to. Oral, lots and lots of POV oral!


Scene One

This has got Yuki/Yukari in the first scene with a lot of lube in his mouth, it was…odd. Not my favorite scene. In fact, I pretty much skipped it. :/

insta (4).gif

Scene 2

Pretty Standard, nothing special, he’s a cute twink and does a good job for T-San.


Scene 3

This has got T-San wearing some kind of rubber underwear that accentuates his penis, its interesting, for me it made me focus more on the mouth work and teasing being done. He does take them off about 5-8 mins in. Good scene.


Scene 4

Ma favorite of the film. At the time i’m typing this, I can not for the life of me remember this boys name. I’m going to have to look it up and come back. any way, he’s too cute. Sometimes he can get a little annoying with his moaning but, with T-Sans cock in his mouth he’s plenty quiet. The cute little licks and kisses he gives T-sans cock are just adorable! This scene is worth watching and it has a little penetration in it as well.


Scene 5

Yuki/Yukari again! This time with two goggle men and no lube.


Scene 6

Not going to lie, I didn’t watch it. lol




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