(Acceed) Drink

Drunk Twinks! 



Good film. East to find too, I actually got my copy off pornhub. Crazy right??

There are only two scenes worth talking about in my opinion. The first scene and the 3rd/4th scene.

Scene one has a cute twink getting drunk with a goggle man. Silliness ensues.


Once he’s plenty drunk they get their freak on, but what captured my attention were two things that happened after the cumshot. Thing one, I have no clue what this phenomenon is. Well I do a little. I researched it and overall, the findings were inconclusive so I cant tell you 100%. But it seems to be precum. It’s too thick and clear to be pee, and its not cum clearly. So some have said its a large amount of precum as a result of over stimulation.’

s1g3 (2)

Thing two is how naturally Shunsuke goes for cock even when hes half conscious. Adorable! 


Scene 3/4 I have a love/hate thing for. I love it because they’re both great scenes, the only thing i don’t like is the bottom twink (Hajime) during the beginning of scene 3…Good god hes annoying. lol Hes drunk so i’ll give him that, but hes clearly playing it up a little. He keeps saying “No” and whining when you know he wants some cock! I think his high pitched voice gets to me a little too. Other than that no complaints. Scene 3 is a peepers view of two cuties (Fu-Ga topping) getting it on. Fu-Ga seems to be very aware of the camera, and we find out at the end of the scene its because he knows who’s watching. Once Hajime leaves, the peeper comes in and has  POV sex with Fu-Ga. It’s really cute!

s2g1 (2)s2g1.5s2g2 (2)s2g3 (2)




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