(Ko Company) [Pandora] Losing A Forbidden Flower

A sweet love story about a forbidden love affair. ^_^


I feel kind of bad because I can’t upload gifs anymore. Well I can, but they take up a lot of room and I only have 3gbs of free space. 😦 Perhaps if the blog does well I’ll pay for more, but for now we’ll have to go back to the old days of motionless pictures. :/

OK! So! We’ve got sweet little Nigito here playing a High School student who prostitutes himself in his spare time..which..when you think about it, wasn’t really acting because either he was still in or just finished high school when this was filmed. Anywho, Nagito goes to class and falls for his teacher mr. Koh. (and who wouldn’t?!) So he “drops” his pencil and gives his teachers hand a caress when he gives it back…sneaky Nagito! After class makes his move and gets what he wants, which is Koh’s cock of course. 


You Make That Money Nagito!



Stop looking at us you camera whore! XD

After that encounter, things go back to…normal I guess. As normal as things can be for a teen prostitute. One day, Koh is walking down the street with who I assume is his boyfriend and sees Nagito Walking with a client. He decides right then and there he wants to be with Nagito. So he runs after him and they embrace. Then they head back to Koh’s house where the take a shower (great scene BTW) and make love. ^_^ Happy ending…for now. I feel like this would have continued as a multi part story if not for the heart shattering passing of Koh. The story line left a lot of places for it to pick up.


Watch Or Download HERE!


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