(Coat West) [Kuratatsu] Pets 3

If you weren’t a pet person before, you will be!


Ahhh, Pets 3…I always found the title kind of weird because, personally I’ve never come across Pets 1 or 2 but i’m sure the exist somewhere. 

Scene one has us with out cute pet…umm…who’s name I forgot…well, not forgot, more like…didn’t know to begin with…don’t judge me. Anyway he’s pretty adorable, we get to POV feed him, and take a nap with him…then fuck him! lmao!


Next up is kitty Ken! He’s pretty pissed you left the house without giving him his milk…but playing with his two favorite toys should make it better! 


Speaking of kitties, we have Hayato next! He’s pretty lonely, so you bring him a friend…probably shouldn’t have brought home a puppy though!


Puppy Runa takes Hayato’s food! But, he does share which is sweet, then he shares his cock! 


Finally we have Manato…who is apparently having a bad hair day…warning the beginning of this scene has Manato taking a piss, so if that’s going to bug you, be prepared to skip in a ways. Moving on…if you can’t think of a reason to watch this, Manato’s ass should give you a good one!




7 thoughts on “(Coat West) [Kuratatsu] Pets 3

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