Model Spotlight Disclaimer

With these spotlight posts, I try to give you the most information I have on a JGV model, which sometimes, is not a lot unfortunately. Some JGV models are very open and are easy to get information on. I know their real names, social media accounts, who their dating and so on. Others are very secretive and I can’t even tell you how old they are for sure. My Japanese use to be moderate, but as I use it less, I lose it more. This makes getting information from some of the interviews hard as well. I hope you understand that the information in these posts will shift dramatically from model to model.  I encourage you to dig for more information if you feel a post on someone you like is lacking. Otherwise I hope you enjoy the spotlights and see them as less of a biography, and more as an introduction to someone you may not have known.


One thought on “Model Spotlight Disclaimer

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