{Model Spotlight} Eiji Kano


Label: KO Company

Name: Eiji Kano

Real Name: Facebook says Hikaru Kago, Twitter at one point said Akira Kano, so….I’m not sure. Lol

Age: Born somewhere between 1985 and 1986 (I use to know the day, but forgot *_*)

Orientation: Gay

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hikaru.kago

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mess_age_h

Fan Made Videography : http://fyeiji.tumblr.com/videography

Where to start with Eiji? Well I can say he is a popular guy! You can find him all over the interwebs! He tweets, is on Facebook, and I think he use to have a blog but it disappeared. Anyway, Eiji is about 29 or 30 years old as of 2016. I’m pointing this out because he looks quite young. In some of his earlier films, KO has him labeled as 18, but through his many fan pages and his twitter I have found that they actually lied! I mean, I would have too Lol, look at him! At the time they have him labeled as 18, Eiji is really 21ish. This is amazing because he looks 15 or 16!

Eiji is a complete and total slut and I love it! He’s quite sensitive to touch and is a twitches a lot. He’s also quite the moaner! He takes care of his looks and frequently fixes his hair during his scenes, which I think is really cute. He is often paired up with Goggle guy T-san and their chemistry is brilliant. So much so that people actually thought they were dating! I loved their on screen romance so much that I actually got a little jealous when Nagito joined KO and took some of T-Sans attention away.


Eiji does crossdress sometimes. In films in and in real life, a few people wondered and asked if he was transgender because of this, (and also because another JGV model was) but as far as I can tell from the blogs of hardcore Eiji fans, and his social media….this is not the case, but instead, he does it for his job at a bar and for fun. Speaking of bars, before joining the porn industry Eiji did work as a male host, although I am not sure if he, (as other JGV models have) was selling his body or not.

large34images (5)images (4)

Eiji has a pretty extensive videography and I have linked a fan made copy above. It has not been updated for a little while, although I can tell you, with little searching and probably a visit to the KO Company website you could find any missing pieces. I would also like to add that i’m not completely sure if Eiji is still in the industry. As far as i know, he is and his last film (that I am aware of) was in 2013 or 14. Either way, Eiji is a real superstar and one of the first models I had a real bias for. My taste has changed a little over time, but he still holds a very special place in my heart and my JGV library!



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