(Acceed) Raping Us Cuties 2

The first one was pretty tame! Get ready to get strange! 


Yup, the first RUC was more cute, where this one is…still cute…but a little more outrageous! 

The first scene…smh…oh Acceed! Where do you find these boys! Ok, we’ve got gymnast Toruto, and he sucks…On 3 levels…1. as a gymnast, his character is bad at gymnastics and his coach punishes him with sex, 2. At acting…i’m not sure how one fails at failing…but he managed it! LMAO! it’s so awkward you can’t help but laugh! and 3: He sucks dick…obviously…because this is a JGV. ^_^


Scene two, I skipped. Not skipped through it…skipped it completely! I can’t watch it. Its sex and food and I just can’t. I can sit through hardcore BDSM, piss porn, and enemas all day, but I can’t handle porn and food. He cooks and uses his cock as a whisk, and i think he spits something or other into the mix…I don’t know…I saw the preview but I refuse to watch it! Sorry Ataru, even I have my limits.

For scene 3…I don’t what he was smoking when they filmed this, but he was 100% high!


After those two, the story for scene 3 is a little hard to get into. I skipped parts of it. Aki is definitely a cutie though! Worth pulling up. 


Scene four has little angel Mahiro in it. Mahiro is another one I like, but whose moaning voice can get annoying really quick. lol Be careful of his wings they’re sensitive! 


The answer is yes…he is licking Mahiro’s wings. ^_^

Watch Or Download Here!!



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