(Acceed) Raping Us Cuties 3

The Final Film!


Alright, this one is a little tamer than 2, but still better than 1. The scenes are pretty basic up until scene 3. Where, for the first time we have two cuties having sex together!  They’re wearing schoolgirl uniforms and it turns into a threesome. Scene 4 is another cheerleader, but unlike the last one I don’t think this is high. lol However, he did catch my attention by shoving the handle part of his pom-pom up his butt and shaking it around! XD The last scene is my favorite. It’s really cute, our Teru is going on a date to the amusement park! They have a good time and the scene is sweet and adorable. Then they go home and have sex. I feel like the whole film is kind of worth it for this one scene. If you’re into cross dressed twinks that is! And..that’s it! All of the cutie series! 

Watch or Download Here!



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