(Men’s Rush) MR-KR606

Probably The Most Popular Men’s Rush Scene Out There!


Alright! In this scene we’ve got Takumi X Irojiro! There is a lot of dirty talk in this scene, so if you’ve taken a visit to the  JGV Dictionary, this is a good scene to hear some of that vocabulary in use. ^_^ Takumi was always a bottom in his earlier scenes, but after this one…I can’t see him as anything but a top! He took control so well, it was very natural for him and he seemed to enjoy it much, much more. I’ve seen him as a top a couple other times, but this is still by far the best for me. Also, I wish I could give credit to person who made these Gifs…I found them on google and the websites they connected were not the original, they seem to have originated from tumblr so, shout out to whomever made them!


Watch or Download Below!



3 thoughts on “(Men’s Rush) MR-KR606

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