(Coat West) [Kuratatsu] I Had A Boyfriend

So Dramatic…Much Feels…Tissues needed…Maybe Two!


I’d call this and artistic film. This piece focuses more on the storyline and the characters than the sex. However, the sex scenes are erotic and quite creative. I especially like the first one between Sho and Yu-Ta.  The first half is shot almost like a soft core scene. It teased you a little before revealing their bodies. It also made the story a little stronger. You really get to see the connection between Sho and Yu-Ta’s characters. Man…Its hard to talk about this movie without giving anything away. What I can say is, I love the acting and the Kuratatsu films from around this time. They were very cinematic and had strong, melodramatic,and sometimes dark themes. Most coming from the Babylon series. I’m excited to get a few of those up!

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5 thoughts on “(Coat West) [Kuratatsu] I Had A Boyfriend

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