(KO Company) [Go Guy Plus] Ideal Pets

Ko’s Version Of Sexy Boys As Pets!

I’ve Still Got One More Pets Themed Film Coming From Acceed, Then We Can See Whos Is The Best! Keep An Eye Out For It.


So, first we covered, Kuratatsu’s Pets 3. Now, we’re taking a look at Go Guy Plus’ Version. Between the two, I have to say, Pets 3 is the winner. By Far! lol Ok, so, this is still a cute film. However, there is nothing really…pets related about it. Aside from the collars, they’re just cute twinks with goggle guys. :/ Even with that premise it’s not the best film Ko or Go Guy Plus has come out with. If you really want to see a good film with twinks and goggle guys, check out the Alright Series from Go Guy Plus. Now that’s how you do it! In closing, this is not a film that gets me excited, but you shouldn’t just take my word for it. Pull it up and check it out!

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2 thoughts on “(KO Company) [Go Guy Plus] Ideal Pets

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