(KO Company) Incest Mania

A Series About Taboo Relationships.


You know, the incest films and scenes in JGV have never bothered me…I’m sure its probably because In my mind I know It’s not real. The same goes with rape scenes and BDSM, I think I can Watch it because I know they agreed to it and are enjoying it. Anyway, we’ve got some close family time going on in this series, so if that’s not your thing…I’d move on. lol!

First scene we’ve got a pervy big brother having some “hands on time” with his younger brother.

Scene two, we’ve got a creepy son who has an abnormal interest in his father. After getting caught smelling his underwear he finally decides to act on his feelings.

Scene three. Family threesome with sora!

Lastly we have Toshi and Kikuchi Tomoya…the scene where it all begins. Before paradox5 was taken down, I got my hands on the translation of this scene. Look for it below the link.

Watch Or Download Below:


Translation Of Toshi and Kikuchi’s Scene

T: I haven’t seen Brother for a long time. I’m kind of excited.
K: Coming.
T: Brother, it’s me, Toshi.
K: Huh? Toshi? Wait a sec. I’ll open the door now.
T: Long time no see.
K: What’s the matter with you popping up like this?
T: Because you haven’t come home lately. We haven’t been in touch, either. So I decided to come.
K: You surprised me. Anyway, come in.
T: I will, I will.
K: My room might be dirty though. Why didn’t you let me know before you came.
T: Because….. Geez, your room IS dirty.
K: I would say it’s rather clean, I mean, I’ve been stuck recently and had no time to clean up.
T: Don’t worry, brother. Have a seat. I will clean it up.
K: No no no no. No need for that.
T: It’s all right. Just sit down here. You stay there and I will clean it up.
K: My bad.
T: That’s okay. Boy, your room is messed up, brother.
K: I hate to tell you but it’s cleaner than usual.
T: Are you saying this is better than usual?
K: Fur more better.
T: Definitely such a mess! Have you been busy lately?
K: I’ve been busy and had no time to go home at all.
T: Everyone has been waiting for you to come home, you know?
K: I got surprised. I had no idea you’d suddenly come. If I knew you were coming, I would have cleaned my apartment.
T: I just hit upon the idea of coming here.
K: You don’t have to fold it so neat.
T: Just leave it to me.
K: I think I’m going to a convenience store. Is there something you want?
T: Huh? A convenience store?
K: A convenience store.
T: Well, ummm, some alcohol.
K: Alcohol?
T: I’ll drink alcohol.
K: Any kind of alcohol? Beer?
T: Not beer. Um, I’d like a can of cocktail.
K: A can of cocktail, okay. I’ll go buy some.
T: Please.“Itte-rasshai”(It’s a cliché when a family leaves home, and so on.).
K: Okay.
T: I think he never cleans up. Such a mess. Mm? Oh, I found his shorts. Mm? What? Geez, I never knew he reads this kind of stuff. Mm? Here’s another one. …..Horny. Huh? Is this…..uh, so he does do it, and all sorts. He doesn’t hang up his coat. What am I to do with these? Yep, leave them where they were. I haven’t seen my brother for a long time and I recognized again that he really is cool. There. He eats snacks. Well done, I guess. It’s better now, nice and clean. Done.

T: He is kind of late. I hope it won’t take long.
K: Hello, I’m back. (“Tadaima” is a cliché when you come home.)
T: Hello, welcome back. (“Okaeri” is a cliché when someone came home.)
T: Look! It’s neat and clean, isn’t it?
K: It’s so neat. Amazing.
T: Amazing it is.
K: You did a great job. Just as I expected. It looks all different. I bought some alcohol.
T: Thank you for your treat.
K: I chose some at random.
T: This one is fine.
K: Are you all right with it?
T: Yep. Beer for you?
K: I go with beer, usually. Where did I put it? Thanks.
T: Let me have the trash. Shall we make a toast?
K: Shall we? There’s some snack under the table, right?
T&K : Cheers!
T: Mm, it’s good.
K: So you are old enough to drink alcohol.
T: Yep.
K: I feel kind of strange.
T: I came of age.
K: You did? How old are you turning this year? 21?
T: Yep, I’m turning 21 this year. Brother, well uh….
K: Mm?
T: Do you usually…..
K: What?
T: Do you usually stay in this room by yourself?
K: Yeah, right. As I don’t have a girlfriend.
T: You don’t have a girlfriend?
K: No no no.
T: Is there someone you like?
K: Someone I like? There is someone I like, if any.
T: Really?
K: There’s someone I like, if any.
T: I see.. Gee, you don’t have a girlfriend. (I think Toshi said it by mistake. He was supposed to say “There’s someone you like” in disappointment.)
T: But you don’t have a girlfriend, do you?
K: I don’t have a girlfriend. Do you?
T: No.
K: You don’t?
T: I’m not popular.
K: You’re kidding. You’re kidding.
T: I’m not so much popular as you are.
K: You’re kidding. Look at your face. I bet you are popular.
T: We are brothers, aren’t we?
K: Of course we are, though.
T: Oh, by the way, brother.
K: Mm.
T: I found something weird under the bed.
K: Because I’m a man, it’s only natural, you know what I mean. So you found them?
T: I did.
K: Do you wanna take a look?
T: No, I don’t at all.
K: You don’t?
T: And, besides….
K: What? Did you find something else?
T: Next to the trash can,
K: Mm.
T: I found a Kleenex.
K: Aha. I blew my nose and left it, I guess?
T: Nah, I don’t think so.
K: I must have thrown it after I blew my nose.
T: Are you sure?
K: You know….
T: You are a man, I know what you mean.
K: Well, yeah, right. No wonder for a guy to do it. You do it, too, don’t you, Toshi?
T: I don’t do that.
K: For real?
T: Just lying.
K: I guess you do it. Go ahead, help yourself.
T: Thanks, I will.
K: You haven’t had a girlfriend for a long time?
T: No, I haven’t had one for a long time.
K: For a long time?
T: Right. How about you, brother?
K: I haven’t had one either, for a long time.
T: Really?
K: Yeah. I haven’t found one.
T: I’m kind of glad to hear that.
K: What the heck do you mean by that?
T: Nothing much, you know?
K: Nothing much.
T: So, you have someone you like….
K: What are you gonna do tonight? Are you gonna stay overnight?
T: Can I stay overnight?
K: Yeah, you can. My apartment is small, though.
T: Nope. Well, that’s your bed but….
K: We can sleep together like we used to do. We often slept together, remember?
T: You’re right.
K: Mm. Why don’t we sleep together?
T:  Did you change your cigarette?
K: Cigarette? I’ve changed it recently.
T: I didn’t know that. How should I put it? It’s been a while since I saw you last and…
K: How long is it since I saw you last time?
T: Quite a long time.
K: Around half a year? I guess?
T: Yeah. You’ve given me no call, no mail at all!
K: Mm, I started working and I’m not used to it very well yet.
T: You’re not telling me the truth!
K: I don’t know. I’m getting used to it, maybe.
T: How should I put it? When I talk to you….somehow I get a bit nervous.
K: Really? I’m your brother.
T: It’s because we haven’t met so long. That’s why, perhaps.
K: Yeah, maybe. Drink alcohol and you’ll forget about such things. Do you drink a lot?
T: No. I’ve just started to drink recently.
K: Uh, I see. You’re drinking a light kind of cocktail.
T: Right. Uh, I feel already a little bit……..I seem to feel dizzy.
(Kikuchi made a strange sound replying with a can on his lips and Toshi laughs.)
K: So fast. You haven’t finished a can. I mean it’s less than 10 minutes. But it can’t be helped because you’re not used to drinking. Come to think of it, we can go to a pub together, right?
T: Yep! Let’s go together.
K: Sure. Why not? I’ll take you out.
T: Will you keep your words? You promise?
K: OK, OK, OK.
T: Really?
K: For real, for real.
T: Gee, I’m really looking forward to it. Well, I’m getting to learn how to enjoy drinking.
K: I see. I know a lot of good clubs and pubs, so I will take you out.
T: I’m looking forward to it very much. Um, I’m seriously getting a little bit drunk, I guess.
K: Getting drunk? You can go to sleep on your own, if you want.
T: Can I?
K: Mm.
T: Well um, I feel I might be gonna go numb. (Toshi rests his head on Kikuchi’s shoulder and Kikuchi giggles.) What?
K: Too fast. Did you go to sleep?
T: I feel dizzy a little.
K: Do you feel dizzy?
T: Yep.
K: You’re like a little kiddo.
T: Eh? I’m smaller than you, brother. (12:45) Brother?
K: What?
T: Is it true that you have no one to go out with?
K: Nope, I’ve not had one for a long time.
T: Really?
K: My apartment doesn’t have a woman’s touch at all, you see that?
T: Indeed.
K: Besides, it’s dirty. So I can’ t let a girl come in.
T: Brother.
K: What? (Giggle) What?
T: Can I say a selfish thing just once?
K: Yep. What? What’s the matter?
T: Close your eyes.
K: Close my eyes? And you’re gonna give me something?
T: Go ahead and close your eyes.
K: Okie dokie. (Toshi kissed Kikuchi.) What’re you doing?
T: To tell you the truth, I’ve been in love with you for a long time.
K: Really? For real? I’ve sensed it somehow, but I thought it’s just my imagination. So I never mentioned it.
T: Did you get offended by my kiss?
K: No, no, not at all.
T: Don’t you dislike it?
K: I don’t dislike it, not at all.
T: Can I kiss you one more time?
K: One-one more time?
K:  We can’t. As we are brothers.
T: Why not?
K: I told you, we are brothers. You know?
T: Do you dislike me?
K: Not at all. I’m not saying that I dislike you.
T: Then why?
K: I don’t dislike you, Toshi. But I’ll break you down if we go any further.
T: I don’t care. I wanna get broken if it’s you, brother.
K: Are you certain of it? For real?

K: Toshi, your lips are soft. Does it feel good, Toshi?
T: Brother, it feels good.
K: Feel good?
K:  Lick my nipple.
T: Does it feel good, brother?
K: I feel good. Toshi, you are getting bigger.
T: Because.
K: You feel good?
T: Yep, I feel good.
K: It’s very hard. You’re becoming so hard.
T: Because you are touching me.
K: Do you want me to touch more?
T: Yep.
K: Let me see your dick. Geez, you’re awfully hard.
T: I’m embarrassed.
K: Are you embarrassed?
T: Yep.
K:  Do you feel good?
T: I feel so good, brother.
K: Let’s take them off. Come on.(Kikuchi helped Toshi take his clothes off)
T: I wanna touch yours.
K: Do you wanna touch mine?
K:  Your mouth is warm. Your mouth is so warm. It feels good.
T: Your dick tasts good.
K: Tastes good? It feels so good.
T: Does it feel good, brother?
K: It does.
K:  Do you want me to make you feel even better?
T: Yep.
K: You’re alluring. Feel good?
T: I feel good.
K: Toshi, you are erecting so hard. Does this feel good?
T: Uhg, it feels good.
K: You want me to do it more, don’t you? What a horny sound! You’re awfully hard, Toshi. Does it feel good?
T: It feels good.
K: You’ve got so big. Toshi, turn over, put your belly on the bed. Let me see your ass. Does it feel good?
T: Brother, it feels good.
K: It feels good, doesn’t it?  I’m putting one finger in.
T: I feel your finger is coming in.
K: It’s in you. Your ass is warm. Geez.
T: Oooo.
K: Feel good?
T: Feel good.
K: Do you wanna touch mine, too, Toshi?
T: I wanna touch yours.
K: Go ahead and touch it. It feels good. It feels good, Toshi. Feel good.
K:  Inside your ass is warm.
K: Toshi, you’re so hard.
T: I feel so good.
K: Feel good? Geez. It’s warm. Does it feel good?
T: It feels good.  Brother. Brother.
K: What’s the matter?
T: I can’t hold back much longer.
K: You can’t? I can’t hold back, either.
T: I wanna become one with you, brother.
K:  I’ve got so hard.
T: Can I put it in, brother?
K: You can. Feels good.
T: You’re so big, brother.
K: Oh, it’s going in. Feels very warm.
T: Your dick is coming in. Geez. We became one, brother.
K: Do you feel good?
T: I feel good.
K: I feel good.
T: Oh gee.
K: Do you feel good?
T: Your dick is hot.
K: Is it warm?
T: It reaches all the way.
K: Your dick is touching deep inside me.
T: Is it?
K:  It feels warm inside you.
T: Brother, I feel good.
K: Do you feel good?
T: Gosh.
K: Feel good. Let me hear your cute voice more.
T: Brother.
T:  Oh geez. Brother.
K: I’m going in all the way.
K: Do you love me?
T: I love you so much.
K: I’m in love with you, Toshi.
T: I love you so much, brother. Brother. Brother.
K: I feel like coming soon.

K: Do you want me to do it more?
T: Please, do it harder, brother.
K: I’m gonna come.
T: Brother, I wanna come now.
K: Do you wanna come? Do you feel good?
T: I feel good.
K: I feel good. It’s warm.
T: Brother, I’m coming.
K: Are you coming?
T: Brother, I’m coming. Brother, I’m coming.
K: Oh, you’re coming a lot. A lot. Whole lot, you see.

T: Brother, go ahead and come. Brother, please come. Please come.
K: Are you all right. Toshi?
T: I’m all right. I feel good.
K: Can I go harder? I’m gonna come. Can I come?
T: Go ahead and come, brother.
K: Uh, I’m coming.
K: I’ve felt good.
T: A lot of your cum is on my belly. Brother?
K: What?
T: Can I come visit you often?
K: Come over whenever you want.
T: I love you so much, brother.
K: I love you, too.


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