(Acceed) Narrative: Juvinile Crime

Teenagers. AMIRITE?!


Delinquents! Delinquents everywhere! In dangerous times like these, it’s best to stay vigilant. If you happen to casually look over…


and see someone looking at you like this….


Chances are, you’re going to end up like this…


All the scenes are rape related. Some stalkers, some hoodlums looking for trouble etc. I liked most of the scenes but the one at the end actually made me laugh a little. Mainly because of this little sadist.


I wouldn’t have picked him as the one to watch out for in that group, but then again, it’s always the little cute ones right?


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the bats. They use bats in this film!


Watch or Download Below!



2 thoughts on “(Acceed) Narrative: Juvinile Crime

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