(Acceed) How To Breed Cute Boys

And The Winner Is…


Alright! Here we are at the last pet themed film. (for now anyways). We’ve done 3 films from 3 labels. You can watch Coat West’s “Pets 3” here, and Ko Company’s “Ideal Pets” Here. Now it’s time to announce who produced the best pet themed JGV. .


And The Winner is….


Yes! Acceed Wins! The reason is very clear. Just watch the first scene and you will see 100%commitment to the topic. They give you a step by step guide on how to groom your pet. Making sure to check the eyes, ears, teeth, hair, anus, and pubic hair.


How to discipline your pet if they have an accident in the house.

insta (2)insta (4)

How to praise your pet for doing well. 


and of course how to stop your pet from pleasuring themselves and teaching them how to ask you to do it instead. ^_^

insta (3)insta (5)

Take good care of your pet and they will always be happy to see you!

insta (6)

It goes on to show you how to have intercourse with your pet and teach him some tricks. The second scene gets more into how to introduce two pets and breed them, while the third scene is a lovely little scene of a pet and owner bonding. (sexually of course.) The last scene is another breeding sene, a foursome with 2 pets and 2 owners. The best film of the three, but of course you can always watch them all and choose for yourself!

insta (7).gif

Watch or Download Below!



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