(Ko Company) Incest Mania 2

mainia 2.jpg

Here’s number 2! First up is Eiji and T-San! I mean….Eiji and his dad! Woo! Incest! lol Anyway this scene can only be described as…”super cute”. I’ve always liked it. Especially when Eiji stops fighting it and gives in. He acts so shy and cute and it’s adorable. T-san…I mean Eiji’s dad, should know that he responds way better to praise and soft touches than he does to force. You have to stroke his twink ego!


I haven’t watched scene two, but I believe it’s two brothers and I also think it’s safe to say they both enjoyed it! Then again, I could be wrong. The last two scenes are Toshi and Tomoya. I personally like the first of the two the best. Our sweet little Toshi is so patient waiting for his big brother to wake up! Oh…did I mention Toshio Tops? a-FRIGGIN-dorable!

Watch Or Download Below!



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