(Coat West) Elos Act 1: The Lust Chain



Quite a dramatic tale. And it’s only Act 1! From what I gather, we’ve got a guy who hires a private investigator to spy on these other two guys. (I’m thinking the one in white is his either his boyfriend or his ex or something, the other guys name is Yukihro) The P.I. Catches them going into a motel and having sex. He takes pictures, gives them to the guy and tells him what happened. 


Worst Cameraman Ever! He Literally Snapped That Picture AFTER They Were Out Of Sight. lol

Then the one who hired the P.I. confronts Yukihiro and…well…the audio isn’t too great at that part (probably because they’re outside) so I’m not 100% sure what they were talking about, but I know threats were made. So, now Yukihiro is pissed.

He plots his revenge! Yukihiro has some kind of relationship with Sho’s character, but I’m not sure if he’s Yukihiros master/boyfriend (as suggested in Act 2), a prostitute, or if he’s just being hired to carry out the revenge….Either way, he gives Sho money to kidnap the P.I. and the guy who hired him. Sho then forces them to sleep together while he takes pictures. (and joins in of course.)


The guy in white from the first scene ends up with the pictures of the threesom and seems heartbroken, which is why I think they either are, or were in a relationship…but then…I don’t know why he was sleeping with Yukihiro. This one was a bit hard to follow. Anywho, this is a good film and a awesome series. They get even better as they go on!

Watch or Download Below!






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