(Acceed) Water Boys: The Water Boys Return

WARNING! This Is A WaterSports Fetish Film! For Those of You Who Don’t What That Is…Watersports = Urine, Pee, Piss, Wee. You Have Been Warned!


Woo! First fetish film! I finally feel comfortable enough with my blog to post some more…niche films. lol Slowly you will start to see why Acceed is in a category all it’s own! (aside from the fact that it’s an independent label!)

I’m a little out of order here. This is the 3rd Water Boys film. Of course there is pee. and lots off it! Pee in mouths, peen in holes, pee in hair. You know, I don’t mind watching watersports at all and honestly, it’s can be sexy in it’s own way. But for me, I don’t think I could do it in real life. I mean, pee…has a smell and a taste! Contrary to the name watersports it is definitely NOT water! >_< So i’ll pass unless I’m watching it on screen. 

Another thought. The clean up must suck. Sometimes I watch these WaterBoys films and think “who has to clean up all that pee?” or “Will that come out of their clothes, or do they just throw them away?” and “if they  throw them away is it considered a biohazard?”  lol I also worry about the camera men who might not be into the fetish having to smell piss all day. Lmao! It really does make you think!

Scene One:

There’s on cutie and one weird looking guy. Can you guess which is which? Anyway, this scene isn’t my favorite but I still enjoyed it. The weird looking guy has a really nice ass and they sex is pretty good as well. 

Scene 2 

Three boys having fun with their golden showers! There is a threeseome in Water Boys two that is a lot better. Honestly I think it’s because one of the three looks like he’d rather not have other men peeing into his mouth…WTH. He’s a weirdo right? 😉

Scene 3: 
One model and a google guy. This on wasn’t very interesting to me so i skipped through most of it. :/ Although that model has been in a few other things and I actually do like him. 

Last scene: 

This is the sexiest of all the scenes. These two are really into wtersports and you can tell it turns them on. The chemistry is great and the sex is great. They do such a good job you almost forget it’s pee! Even if watersports isn’t your thing. If you want to experiment with a scene this would be a good one. 

Watch Or Download Below!




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