(Coat West) Elos Act 2: Sadistic Lovers

Very Long Post Ahead!


Elos one ended on a bit of a sad note, but we’re back with Act 2 and this time we’re following Sho.

 If you remember, I posted a poll about whether you all liked the reviews and spotlights. This post is the reason for that. I have personally always wondered what this film is about and what was being said, but I wondered if other people cared. I like doing reviews but I found myself spending a lot of time translating and digging to find out what the plot of this film was. So, I wanted to make sure people actually wanted to know, or enjoyed reading what I had to say about the films before continuing to do so in the future.

Also, the copy I have of Act 2 (and every copy I have every come across) has Chinese subtitles. I don’t speak or read Chinese at all so, along with listening to them speak, and looking up info online, I used a pictured text translator and…it actually helped. It was pretty cool…tedious, but cool. It translated into severely broken English but I got the gist. Let’s walk through it together!

First thing I realized was that the model’s characters have names. This threw me! That’s why I couldn’t figure out who was who. After some searching I found that:

  •  Sho is Kazuhiko

  • Sho’s sadistic Boyfriend is Keigo

  • The Guy from Act 1 is Yukihiro

  • Nagi is Miyabiki (or something close to that, I’ve found different spellings)

  • And the 3rd guy in the threesome is Naoki

Intro Scene

In this scene Kazuhiko is annoyed with Keigo, saying something along the lines of he “doesn’t like to be left alone” or he’s “bored”. 0

Keigo says, “You’ll do as I say” and “my word is final”, and other things like that. He starts to fondle Kazuhiko, and as he gets hard, tells Kazuhiko that his body doesn’t lie and that he must like it.




As Keigo forcefully enters Kazuhiko, he demands Kazuhiko to tell him he loves him. Kazuhiko refuses, and instead says “I don’t like you.” The scene fades to black.


Scene 1

It’s the next day and Kazuhiko goes to the home of the guy from Elos Act 1, Yukihiro. Sources tell me that he is Kazuhiko’s former master/boyfriend.


Kazuhiko tells Yukihiro that he misses him, saying “I have not changed the feelings of those days , we went out , as you always to the last moment was hugging me , and  inspire to me .” However, it’s clear that Yukihiro has no feelings for Kazuhiko at all.


Kazuhiko gives him an envelope of money and asks him to only look at him. Yukihiro says he doesn’t feel that way anymore and tells Kazuhiko to get out.


On the way to the door Kazuhiko hugs Yukihiro and asks if he can be with him one more time. Yukihiro consents and they have sex. The sex however, is very detached as Yukihiro barely participates.

insta (2)


insta (3)

Kazuhiko tries to give Yukihiro one last kiss, but fails. As Kazuhiko leaves he deletes Yukihiro from his phone.

insta (4)5

Scene 2:

(I’m calling Nagi by his name because I’m not 100% sure I have his character’s name right.)

 Nagi calls Kazuhiko and invites him out with himself and their other friend, Naoki. He agrees and they have a good time playing in the snow, then go inside.

2insta (4)insta (3)

Naoki goes to take a shower while Nagi and Kazuhiko fall asleep. Nagi wakes Kazuhiko with light caresses and confesses he loves Kazuhiko. Kazuhiko tells him he does not feel the same way. Nagi asks if it is “because of your boyfriend?” Kazuhiko insists that they are not dating and that the relationship is “one sided”. He goes on to say he can’t be with Nagi because they’ve “been friends since childhood”. Nagi insists he is “no longer a child, but a man now.” After some more coaxing they have sex and Naoki joins in.

1insta (2)

Scene 3

Kazuhiko is walking with Keigo and being short with him. Keigo pulls Sho into a Motel and asks him where he was the day before.


He tells him he was with a friend and Keigo demands to know who he is. So, Kazuhiko tells him it was his friend from elementary, Nagi, because he hadn’t seen him in a long time. He then asks if Kazuhiko “allowed another man to fuck” him. Kazuhiko does not answer.

insta (2).gif

Then he asks why Kazuhiko is so “annoyed” (that’s how it translated from chinese), Kazuhiko says he’s not, but then slaps Keigo….so I think I got a little lost in translation there. Lol Anyway, Keigo knocks Kazuhiko unconscious. 

insta (3).gifinsta (4).gif

When he awakens Keigo has him tied up. He tells Keigo to let him go, and obviously Keigo ignores that. Keigo says that he should have told Kazuhiko to never let another man touch him and that he is being punished for it.  


As Keigo fondles him, Kazuhiko says he understands what’s he’s saying and will listen to him, then asks to be let go again. Keigo tells Kazuhiko “If you ever sleep with another man I’ll kill you, I will not let another man touch you!” He then says “I’ll let you go if you masterbate for me to see…will you do it?”  Kazuhiko agrees and is unchained.

insta (5).gif

Keigo sits on the couch and lights a cigarette. Kazuhiko just stands there. Keigo demands he “Hurry up!” but when Kazuhiko does not move, he says he “has a good thing to help” and forces an egg vibrator inside of Kazuhiko.
insta (6).gifinsta (11).gif

I lost a little bit of the convo in the middle but Kazuhiko gets aroused and starts giving Keigo a blowjob, then asks Keigo to hold him.


Keigo smirks and says “so you want me? Take the egg out, and ride me, then I will hold you” As Kazuhiko hesitates, Keigo says “Well, ride me! Do you not want me to forgive you?” Kazuhiko does as he told and moans as he rides Keigo. Keigo says he likes the sound of Kazuhiko moaning.

insta (7).gifinsta (12).gif

They move to the bed and have sex. Afterwords Keigo tells Kazuhiko he loves him and Kazuhiko says that although he was negative towards him, he is falling in love too. 


Closing Scene

In the ending, we see Kazuhiko back in bed looking upset. Keigo comes in and asks him what’s wrong. Kazuhiko says something about Nagi and his phone. Keigo says he’s happy that Kazuhiko isn’t letting men get too close to him. Keigo kisses Kazuhiko and the film ends as they embrace.

insta (8).gif

 Watch Or Download Below! (you can actually stream this anywhere online really!)



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  3. Hello, i really want to thank you for always providing us this films and i also want to ask you if you can add the film from the preview of elos act 2. The last preview after idol beach seems intersting and i want to watch it but i don’t know the title so i can’t find it anywhere.
    Aniway thank you.

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  4. OKAY SO, thank you so much for that post and actually for all of your posts.
    I always want to know what the plot is and what they actually saying, so bless you.
    sorry for the broken English ( french girl in da plaaace)
    keep slaying

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