(Ko Company) [Secret Film] Raw Cam 9


I’ve totally dropped the ball these last two days. *_* I got sucked into a movie marathon and didn’t do any posts monday or today. I’m hurriedly uploading this one, so I apologize that it is not in depth.  I have several films uploaded, so I’ll be able to catch up tomorrow. 

This is my first post about the Raw Cam series! This series is nice because it’s just the model and T-san. There is no other crew and all the filming is done by either T-san or cameras set up before hand. (every now and then there will be one other person who joins in for a threesome and they will help film, but that’s not often) It kind of makes the sex more…real I suppose. The models seem more relaxed and at ease. The only negative thing about this series is that when it comes to enjoying it, it really is a scene by scene thing. You’ll end up downloading the full film just to see one or two models. Them again, i suppose that could be true of any film…Anywho! A lot of Ko Stars are in these films, Nagito, Eiji, Toshi, Karu and more. You’ll see them as I post more from this series!



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