{Model Spotlight} Ayumu (Ko Company) [Go Guy Plus] Ayumu

I’m Mixing A Model Spotlight With A Film! Find Out Why!

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Sorry this week’s spotlight is a little late.

A while back I posted a disclaimer, stating that I would have little to no info on some of the models. Ayumu is one of them. I suppose this is the week of me posting things I don’t have a lot of info on! This is what I do know.

He was born in February

Was a model for Ko Company

Is gay

Has a cute little mole right next to his boy hole.

IsĀ no longer active…that’s literally it. šŸ˜¦

I wanted to do a model spotlight on him because I have some films starring him I’ll be uploading soon, but, I just didn’t have enough info to do it in its own post. So, that’s why I did the spotlight and his film together. The last time Ayumu was active seems to be around 2009. The film below and “Slave Island” (Which I’ll be posting tomorrow) are both from 2007.Ā 


How cute is he?!Ā 

If you can’t tell by the title, the whole film is about Ayumu. Oddly enough I don’t really think this film does him justice. Another oneĀ of theĀ films he stars in is called,Ā “If we fall in love”. It seems to highlight his sex style a lot better. However! I love the solo scene in this film! (Scene 4)

Watch Or Download Below!



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