(Coat West) [Lucina] Romance2

Do You Want To Hear Something Awkward? At My Last Job, I Had A Boss Named Lucina! *_*


Here we are at #2! Personally I think the scenes get better from here on out. 🙂

Scene 1: 

Jin X Kakeru

This is going to sound weird. I like the intro to this scene more than I like the actual sex part. lol They go on a little date and you see their chemistry. It’s not my favorite sex scene and that probably why I enjoyed the intro more. Before Jin moved to Boyslab and became Shin, he wasn’t as…romantic or erotic. He was still very good looking but the sex was lacking. Don’t get me wrong! It was good, but now, Shin just takes my breath away! 


This is the face of someone who wants to tear that ass up!

insta (2)insta (3)


Scene 2:

Kai X Tsubasa

Love this scene! This is still one of my favorite scenes with Tsubasa in it. I even mentioned it in his model spotlight! Kai and Tsubasa were (are?) good friends and that’s why this scene works so well! 

Scene 3

Teru X Soh

I went on about these two in the post for Romance 1, so I won’t do it again, but don’t miss it! It’s super cute!!


Scene 4

Yuto X Yuta

This is my favorite scene of the film. It’s a bit of an odd set up. Yuta is out in the cold and…homeless I guessing. (although he looks very clean and well groomed for a homeless guy. lol) Anyway, he’s picking through trash and trying to find food when he bumps into Yuto. literally. He ends up falling down a flight of stairs and gets knocked out. Yuto takes him to a hotel to heal and feeds him. When they go to bed Yuta snuggles with Yuto and the sex starts. I really like Yuta. I think he just might be my next model spotlight!

insta (4)


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