(KO Company) [Deep] Slaves Island

Ko Company Has A Ton Of Sub Labels Amirite? 


Slaves Island is a 3 film series. This is a safe fetish film. I say safe because, as you saw in the Water Boys post, fetish films can get pretty crazy. Ko Company is about twinks, and even if they do tie them up and turn them into slaves, it’s still really tame, and that’s the case here.

We have Ayumu in this film, and I tell you, he does a very good job. He makes me almost believe he is being raped. He even annoys his goggleman with how much he resisted. The whole theme of these films is boys getting kidnapped and forced into sex. They are eventually “trained” enough to become willing slaves before being let go to lure more unsuspecting victims. 

Quick question, what do these porn companies slip into these models drinks that make them pass out so fast!? LMAO! XD

instainsta (2)

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