Caroline- Sweet Shun


Shun, sweet, sweet, Shun! Such a cutie!

This film would fall under Softcore. You do get to see his pretty twink bottom, but, you never see his penis uncovered. You’ll see the outline in his underwear, but that’s it. However! Do NOT let that scare you away, because sweet Shun is worth watching a few times over!

First scene is kind of an intro. Have you ever seen those behind the scenes videos of photo shoots? It’s kind of like that. You’ll see him posing and in various stages of undress. Then he’ll fondle himself until he cums, but you won’t see what he’s touching of course!

The second scene is a little weird for me. Probably because tickling me is a death sentence! Shuns laugh is pretty cute though. 





Next up is a shower scene. 

Scene four is Shun having sex with his teddy bear. Thats right, I said teddy bear! I actually enjoyed this scene the most.

Scene five is my second favorite scene. First it’s Shun in a schoolgirl outfit, then, after he strips, he sucks on a banana like its a cock. So sexy! Although…I’ve never eaten a banana that had cream come out of it….probably because I don’t suck my bananas right?

Both scene six and seven are Shun being fondled. In six with vibrators, In seven with lube. 

Watch Or Download Below: (Or google it and you can stream anywhere online really)



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