(Coat West) [Lucina] Romance3

One More To Go!


Before we even get started, you already know which scene I’m going to say is the best right? Right?! 

Scene 1:

Yuto X Nagi

All of the scenes in this film have conversations at the start. ^_^

Scene 2

Soh X Yuta

My lovely sexy Yuta! I could watch him all day. Sometimes I do!

Scene 3

Jin X Kazuki

I feel the opposite about Kazuki as I do for Jin. I actually liked Kazuki while when was still under Coat West, and don’t like him quite as much after his move to Boyslab as Johji. Weird right? Where I feel Jin/shin got better and sexier,(not that I didn’t like him before), while I feel Like Kazuki/Johji lost some of his touch. 

Scene 4

Koh Masaki X Tsubasa

In case you haven’t guessed yet. The scene with Masaki Koh is the best. Duh! lol He and Tsubasa make one hell of a sexy duo! Must see! Well anything with Koh is a must see!

Watch Or Download Below

Part 1: 


Part 2:



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