(Men’s Camp) Cat Life – 7 Days Of Kinako and Me



This was…weird. >_< And that’s coming from me! I’ve seen it all! I mean, just the other day I was watching a video about a guy who orders a dick off a pizza menu…it came with ketchup on it…I digress! I honestly think it’s the contacts Kinako is wearing. They’re an odd color. Or maybe it’s just that the owner is having sexual fantasies about his cat turning into a man. Then again, who am I to judge? I’m the one running a Japanese gay porn blog! I will say this, the guy who plays the owner is sexy as hell! I’d be his pet for sure!

This film starts with a guy and his cat, he wishes his cat was a real person, because that’s totally not weird at all! Then he drifts off to sleep, when he wakes, he finds his wish came true!


Kinako loves his owner so much that he gives him all the affection he can. Including a blowjob! 🙂

instainsta (2)34

Next, it’s bath time…wait…cats don’t usually like water though. Kinako does I guess! Actually when I was little I had a cat that liked water, he would always try to jump in the tub with me! lol


In the next scene we learn…when the owner is away, the kitty will pay!


Let’s take a second to appreciate how sexy this guy is. If he looked at me that way, I’d be down on all fours instantly!


Ok back to the scene. Bad Kinako! You need to be punished!

insta (3)7

In this scene we also get to see Kinako’s tail. ^_^


Just like with every dream, we have to wake up eventually. (that can has seen some shit!)


Stick around until the very end to see some extra cute scenes of Kinako!

insta (4)insta (5)



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