(Almost) Fruitless Endeavors (Rant)

Uhhhh! This day! :/ Last night I posted the model lists for Ko, Coat, and Boyslab. It took me no time at all to get those lists started and I still have some to add. Do you know why that is? BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY TELL US WHO THE FRIGGIN MODELS ARE! I’m trying to do lists for Men’s Camp, Men’s Rush and some other labels but NOOOOOOO! They don’t wanna give lists or pictures or anything! Huff. *Pouting*.

download (1)

I mean I do know some of them…and I did find a few more…I just don’t want a list with only 3 or 4 models on it…but…that might just have to happen! I’ve been looking forever! lol

Ok, I just needed to rant. I feel better too!  ^_^



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