(Acceed) Dance Dance Erolution: Final Stage


I’m starting with the last one for two reasons. 1: I saw this one first. 2: It’s my favorite. BTW, I know ‘evolution’ is spelled wrong, but that’s how it is spelled on the cover, and spelling it correctly actually makes it harder to find. It took me a while to find “Smart: 23th Impression” because I felt the need to correct it to 23rd. Once I searched under 23th, it came right up.

This isn’t really a film you would “enjoy yourself” to as much as it is a film to stare at like O_O and awkwardly laugh at!

You may remember the announcer from Acceed All Stars 2012 and Obscene Stewards.


After all the stars of the show come out, the final stage begins!insta.gif

First we get a really awkward dance from a guy who I’ve seen before but as usual, because this is Acceed, I don’t know his name. Although, I have to say, his dancing wasn’t as cringeworthy as I thought it’d be. I was actually able to watch it, unlike with Manato! Don’t get me wrong though, it was still really bad! XD


In the next scene, the sexy soldier from above is in big trouble from Mr. Sassy Shorts! It’s a BDSM scene and the audience gets to participate. After they clean the sub up, the two come back and have sex on stage.


From there we have two cute butterflies. I think I like sassy shorts better as a butterfly than a Dom. You may remember both of the butterflies fromĀ (Acceed) Narrative: Juvinile Crime.


Then we have some of the boys playing with an audience member in a tub of lube. It looks really cold!



Then it’s time for games!! The first one is seeing how far the guys can push dildos out of their butts! lol The second is guessing which butt belongs to which boy!



From there we have a synchronized swimming duo….that looked like fun~! I wanna do it! ^_^


Then I realized that, just like with All Stars 2012, this film was really long. I’m getting tired so I’ll just sum up the rest. One of the boys comes out and gets passed around the audience. They do pocky kisses and rub on him. From there the Synchronized swimmers come back with their pool of balls and have a threesome with one of the other boys. Then two of the guys come out and dance some, then masturbate. Whew! Long film. But a fun one~! ^_^



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