(Coat West) Smart 15th Impression


This is another series I swore I uploaded at some point. I thought I had uploaded Smart 19th, but when I looked around for it, I didn’t find it. Oh well, we’ll just start with number 15. ^_^

A lot of CW models got introduced in Smart films. Tusbasa/Misaki gets introduced in this one. Some other models that had their debuts in the Smart series are;

Jin/Shin, Hikaru, Ichi, Kai and Shun, Gen, Towa, Nagi, and Yuta.

Of course, many others have been in the series as well.

For this film, we have a lot of regulars. Of course the film starts off introducing us to Tsubasa, who is doing a solo scene with the staff.

and in no particular order, we have Hikaru and Tsukasa with lots of mouth fucking.


The popular pair Shun and Kai.

The even more popular pair, Sho and Nagi.

Even Mokoto makes an appearance.

Overall I think this is a good start to posting the Smart series. Just about all of the films are really good. Just to give you an Idea of how long this series has been going, The 3rd film came out in 2004 and the the most recent one (the 29th) just came out in 2016. That is a really long time for a porn series!




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