(Ko Company) [Kuruu) Incest Lust For His Family



Here’s the summary of the films. Sometimes I find these, but I don’t know if I should post them or not because they can be confusing when translated into english…You can still get the gist though. ^_^ Naughty forbidden times with the fam! lol.

禁断の血縁関係!男同士の近親相姦! 引き返せない禁断世界…もうあの頃には戻れない。 1. 誰にも言えない僕らの関係 「俺…実はお兄ちゃんの事が好きで…」 可愛げがあって甘えてくる従兄弟の亮一から打ち明けられた禁断の愛の告白! いけないと思いながらも亮一を抱きしめてしまうゴウキ… 火がついた欲望…まだ幼さが残る弟のケツマンを味わう… 2. 変わってしまった父 「俺にはお前しかいないんだよ…」 母に逃げられアルコール依存症に陥っている父は今日も酒をせがんでくる。 ついには航太の金にまで手を出す父… 止めようとする航太に、母親に逃げられた理由を告白しながら航太の身体をまさぐり始める! 嫌がりながらもイヤらしい舌使いにビンビンに勃起するチンポ…変態親父の使い込んだグロマンコの餌食に… 3. 松坂宗一郎の秘密 「兄貴まずいって!起きちゃうよ…!」 晩酌の後いつもの様に兄弟三人川の字で寝ていた時… デロデロに泥酔しきった兄が突然、腕を引っ張り舌を口にねじ込んできた! 何度もダメだと拒否する次男、宗一郎。拒みながらも激しいキスにケツが疼いてきて… 三男が寝ている直ぐ隣で犯され、声を必死でおし殺しながらも歳の離れた長男のチンポをズボズボ突っ込まれ、背徳交尾に溺れていく! 4. 濱崎兄弟 「すぐに撮影して欲しいなら提案があるんだけど…」 金に困った弟イクトをビデオモデルに紹介したルイト それだったらと監督に押し切られ兄弟でビデオ共演することに…!? 初めて聞かせる兄の喘ぎ声、初めて見る弟の感じている顔。 監督の指示とはいえ、兄弟同士の掘り合い交尾でこんなに感じてしまう! 兄に掘られながら扱かれるイクト!我慢できずに大量射精! 突然始まった禁断行為に…溢れる汁、火照る衝動を抑えきれない。

1. We can not talk to anyone Our relationship “I really like your older brother …” Confessions of forbidden love confided by Ryoichi who is pretty girlfriend! Although it is impossible but Ryoichi Goku that hugs me … a desire with fire … I will taste the young brother’s ketzman who is still young …

2. My father has changed “There is only you … I’m alone you …” I escaped to my mother and became alcoholic My falling father cries for alcohol today as well. Father who hands out to Kota’s money finally … Start confrontating the body of Kaita while confessing the reason why she was able to escape to the mother to Kaita trying to stop! Erect on a binge in a tongue using a disgusting taste The cock you want … to the prey of Gurumanko used by the transfiguration father …

3. Secret of Soichiro Matsuzaka “Big brother is bad! I will wake up!” After sleeping like a usual brother like a three-person river … Suddenly my elder brother who was completely drunk by Derodero pulled his arms and screwed his tongue into his mouth! The second son, Souichiro, refuses to do many times. While refusing but asshole fierce with a fierce kiss … The third son is sleeping and being fucked by the immediate neighbor, killing his voice desperately but also throwing his oldest son ‘s cock cum shot and drowning in the moral copulation!

4. Hamasaki brothers “If there is a suggestion if you want to shoot quickly …” Ruit who introduced the brother Ikutsu who was troubled with money to the video model Then it was overwhelmed by the director and co-starred with the brothers …! My brother’s pant voice to let me hear for the first time, the face the brother feels for the first time. Despite instructions from the director, I feel like this with digging and mating in my brothers! Ikuto treated while being digged by my brother! Mass ejaculation without being tolerated! In a forbidden act that started suddenly … Overflowing juice, suppressing the urging impulses Absent.



One thought on “(Ko Company) [Kuruu) Incest Lust For His Family

  1. I’m absolutely ecstatic about this one!
    Every scene has one of my fav models!
    Ryoichi, Atsushi, Soichiro, Kuuga–definitely one of my favs!
    Thanks so much! And happy birthday, again! Hope you had a great time!

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