(Ko Company) [Line]Full Erection Under The Suits



Sexy! Office men getting it on! Secret deals and secret dicks….yeh, that was a bad summary but you get it. I liked scenes one and two the most. The first was really passionate and the second had a SM feel to it, the dom in the business suit took total control and it was pretty darn sexy! ^_^




3 thoughts on “(Ko Company) [Line]Full Erection Under The Suits

  1. Thanks so much for fulfilling another one of my many requests lol
    And I agree with you–the first two scenes are my favorite too! Asuka is so hot (and in the white briefs–yum), and Atsushi being dominant and sexy…who could ask for more?
    Thanks again!

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  2. OMG! This was so hot! Something about getting hot in the office lol
    Any chance you could find the third instillation, Under The Suits 3? That one looks super hot too haha


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