(Ko Company) [Kuruu] [KURUU] How To Train A Gym Teacher



It’s funny because gym teachers usually train you! XD

There’s something I like about seeing a student abuse the teacher. Maybe it’s a revenge thing, you know, because it’s usually the other way around. Also, I feel like if you’re going to turn a teacher into a submissive pet, the gym teacher is the way to go. lol XD Have you ever heard a story of a loving relationship between a gym teacher and a student? NO! It’s always someone being molested by the creepy gym teacher who lives out of a duffle bag at his brother’s house. Wow…that was a complete picture wasn’t it? Gym teachers get a bad rap. But to be fair….all of my gym teachers were assholes. Especially the one from high school. Like…oooooh you’re popular with a bunch teenagers and feel the need to punish the quiet girl because she doesn’t like playing flag football with a bunch of over competitive boys. As a grown man you must be soo proud. -__- Dick. I wasn’t even unfit! I was the MVP of the tennis team for 3 friggin years, the guy could’ve cut me some slack right?? Not that I’m still upset about something that happened years ago…^_^







2 thoughts on “(Ko Company) [Kuruu] [KURUU] How To Train A Gym Teacher

  1. haha I love the Sailor Moon gif (I think I remember that episode)
    And of course I love this one. You can never go wrong with Asuka and Sou, and I have a super spot for Ryoichi from the 2nd scene. I think he’s so cute–wish he was in more films, alas
    At least I’ll have your links to keep him around~
    Thanks again for fulfilling these so quickly! This week is like Christmas for me lol

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