(Ko Company) [Surprise] Yellow Sap Returns



This is a good one. Classic sweaty, passionate sex. Horny boys who just can’t get enough! It’s an older film, but if you’re into the sex and don’t mind the aesthetic so much you’ll enjoy it. It has Masaki Koh in it, and you should at least watch the first scene. There are a lot of familiar…well older familiar faces like Sora and Yuki. The one from the second scene…I can NOT remember his name, if you know it let me know, anyway, he is in pure ecstasy. It’s like they sex starved him then threw him to some horny wolves. I could’ve gone without the part where the staff spits in his mouth. I hate that. So gross. Other than that, no complaints!



One thought on “(Ko Company) [Surprise] Yellow Sap Returns

  1. The first scene alone was enough for me to want to request this lol
    Koh as always super hot, and Sora and Yuki are two cute…and hot
    Thanks so much as usual!


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