{Model Spotlight} Manato


Okay, you guys are going to have to bare with me here. Usually when I do these spotlights I like to double check myself or a least cite my sources.The issue with Manato is that he was really popular, but not around for very long. Because of this I have a hard time finding information on him. Of course, he is interviewed in “Precious Manato”, but unfortunately I do not speak japanese at all save for basic vocab which does not help at all. The other bummer is that CW doesn’t have a profile for Manato on their site so I can not tell you with 100% accuracy what year manato started/ended in.

I know he started when he was 18/19 and he is around my age, putting him around 23-25 in 2017. I know he is straight and I remember reading in a translated scene (since deleted) that during his time at CW he did not have a girlfriend and slept with men more often than women. Due to filming of course, not because he wanted to.

No to long after that they had Manato do a scene with a woman, which was a little awkward because of how shy he was, but still a good scene.They kept telling Manato to be himself and it took him a while to get comfortable. I realized while writing this post, that the scene was lost along with my hard drive. I’m going to download it again tonight and try to have it up soon.

In addition to that, I know that Manato has done some modeling outside of CW although I don’t know where. He also wants to be a dancer. I was unable to clear up if he wanted to do it professionally or only as a hobby, but he did mention he had been in a few competitions. You all know how I feel about his dancing and if you don’t, just go read my review on “Precious Manato.” *_* He also enjoys working out (clearly! lol)

Manato has a unique laugh, some call it cute, others call it weird, others still call it plain annoying. I think it’s interesting. I don’t get annoyed by it but I think I would if I were with him in person. XD


Manato’s sex style is…innocent. You can tell by his expressions when he is trying something for the first time. He seems to be open to trying new things and is rather playful with the other models. I find that both charming and refreshing. You’re always going to get a honest reaction from him. If he hurting, you will know….If it feels good, you can tell. There’s no faking it with him and I like that. Not that I don’t like acting, because I do. But it’s nice to see pureness in the porn industry if you know what I mean. He can act when he needs to though, in his scene from “Shoot 5” he played a bully type character which was really sexy and well done. Honestly I would have liked to see more of Manato. But, like I’ve said before, You can never get upset that a model leaves, all you can do is be happy they came.

All in all, the main reason I haven’t been doing much in the way of additional Model Spotlights is because I figured you guys wouldn’t want to read vague posts about models. This one was requested so I wanted to write something about him. I hope you guys enjoyed what little information I could give you.

P.S. I know I need to update some of the model lists. A lot of the Ko East boys aren’t there and I’ve been meaning to update it. I’ll get to it soon….Maybe. lol

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2 thoughts on “{Model Spotlight} Manato

  1. wow I didn’t think he was still that young, not that he looks a lot older but still haha thank you so much for writing for him!


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