(Ko Company) [Deep] Ura Danshi Gakuen (A.K.A Backside Boys’ School)



“An entry in the Danshi Gakuen series, this video is a special collaboration between deep and Badi Magazine. This volume has a BDSM theme.

If you’re not familiar, Danshi Gakuen is an actual chain of gay escort boy services/host clubs, owned by KO Company, with locations in most major cities in Japan. Most locations are named for their city or district. But, Ura Danshi Gakuen is also a real location (the “Ura” is used to refer to it’s more underground/fetish nature). It offers a much harder sort of play than the regular locations.”

I found that description while looking for this film, convenient right? Interesting as well. I did know that Ko Company was running some Host sites as I have seen some of the models “advertised” after their scenes. Even Nagito is on one of their sites. Honestly, as a businessman I’d be too nervous to do that, I would imagine the police probably watch them a lot to make sure they aren’t prostituting. But, if you’re not doing anything illegal I suppose there is no need to worry right?



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