Sorry, 抱歉, siento, ごめんなさい, 죄송합니다, معذرة, ขอโทษ, lấy làm tiếc…..

Were the translations horrible? I got the ones I didn’t know from google, so I’ll be passing the blame to them!

 A few of my future links will go through LinkShrink. It’s an ad website that lets me generate a little bit of money when you guys click on the links to the downloads. I have been fighting with myself about this for some time, because I didn’t want to make getting JGV’s any harder than it needs to be, but having a little income from the site would actually help us all out. However, if you guys are having a lot of issues with it I want to know. Sometimes the pop-up I have gotten from other sites make you think you have a virus…NEVER BELIEVE THAT! Never call the number or click the link! Just close the ad window/tab. I don’t think it will do that as the sites I’ve gone to are typically loaded with different adware, But I can’t promise.
I wanted to be upfront with you all so you know what is going on. You can also download AdBlock to your browser to help limit the amount of pop-ups. after a few days, I will assess if it’s worth continuing to do or not. Thank you all for understanding! Luv Ya!

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