Tabi Don’t Go!

Being a frequent visitor of my blog means you will have to deal with the occasional rant about randomness in my life. It comes with the blog! XD

I’m so sad T.O.P is going away! 😦 In case you all couldn’t tell I’m a big VIP. I wanted to go to their concert when they were here in the U.S. a while back, (well, technically I would’ve went to the one in Canada because It’s closer to me than New Jersey) But I didn’t have the money for tickets plus transportation, not to mention you have to have a passport to get into Canada now and I don’t have one. Now It’ll be years before I can see them all together again. 😦 I hope they go close together so the wait isn’t long. Well, except Sungri, I don’t really care for him. XD I’d go see a performance with just Top, Taeyang, Daesung, and GD. Does that make me a less of a VIP? Nah, I don’t think so. I mean, it’s true, I don’t like him, I haven’t for a while now. It doesn’t stop me from liking their music though.

Ho Hum, it’s okay, I have a plethora of movies and music to remember him while he’s gone. The man is an excellent actor, I swear, I don’t see Top when I’m watching him, I just see the character. That can be really hard to break away from when you are a singer. Plus I’m pretty darn sure the other guys will be busy with solo activities. ^_^ Personally, Taeyang is my favorite member. I actually found BigBang through listening to Taeyang’s album “Solar”, and I still  like his Solo music the best, even after all these years.

To end my random non-JGV related post, I’ll live without T.O.P for 2 years but I’m still sad about it!



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