(Acceed) Bored Boys 7



You’ll be watching this at your own discretion. I didn’t watch all of this because my sister and my new nephew are coming over! ^_^ Baby time!

I did watch the first scene and I enjoyed it. Which is odd because I get second hand embarrassment when people are watching other people be embarrassed. It was a nice scene though, watching school boys get in trouble for…I’m not sure what. I tried to translate one of the signs and I think it was something about passing notes in class…I have to learn to read Japanese…but its hard! Maybe I should try…I mean I was able to teach myself to read and write Korean…But I feel like that was a lot easier….

Anywhom, there was a dirty enema in the first scene so watch out for that. Also, while I was skipping through the other scenes i’m 90% sure I saw a dirty enema emptied on someone’s chest…so…again…you’ll be watching at your own discretion lol! You can find my reviews for other Bored boys films “Here“.

Lastly, do you guys want or need a another dictionary about sex stuff? Explaining things like enemas, pegging, sub/dom etc? Because, I can do that if you want.




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