(ExFeed)Half Matured Boys Premature Ejaculation


I thought this was a really unique concept. Guys who cum prematurely. If you think about it, on of the requirements of being a porn actor would be being able to last long enough to to film the entire scene. So, I like that we get to see the other side of it. I think these guys were pretty brave to do this, I say that because that’s not a thing most guys would share.

The scenes are still normal google men scenes. They models get hand jobs and blowjobs, and If I remember correctly there are sex scenes in here as well.




6 thoughts on “(ExFeed)Half Matured Boys Premature Ejaculation

  1. I actually was really interested in seeing this one!
    But the place where I’m at has a blocker on linkshrink so I can’t access it 😦


  2. my country now blocked openload.. i have to use tor.. and i think it makes the download take longer..
    no problem anyway, i just download overnight..


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