(RCHS Studio) Exposure Trick Of Magic


This film is random and has nothing to do with anything. That was my frustration talking. >_< There is magic in this film, but the porn had nothing to do with it…I mean, the first scene is the model on the front in a Hogwarts robe saying hes going to do a magic trick, the proceeds to say magic words and point at his dick while he is clearly watching porn to make it hard…WTF…Just…WTF, and it take like…7 minutes. Most anticlimactic magic trick ever!

From there the rest of the film is the model doing really embarrassing things at the command of the camera man. I for one am not very much into humiliation, but if that’s a fetish for you, then you may very well like this.

They do teach you some card tricks at the end…but it’s just…not part of the film…I don’t know how to explain it. This was weird all the through!




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