(Men’s Camp) Boys Love Christmas Day




I have been looking for this…FOREVER!!!! This film was one of the FIRST REQUESTS I ever got on this blog and I have been looking for it ever since! It came to me in a dream…literally, I was sleeping and I got an alert on my phone from youtube. There was a clip of the film on there and I left a comment asking if they had the link, I finally got a response from someone after 4 months. XD

Let this be confirmation that, even if I don’t find something you’re looking for right away, I’ll always keep an eye out for it! Now, if I could only find the others, I’d be super happy! .

There are two stories here. Both about couples spending time together at Christmas. In true Men’s Camp fashion, the film is erotic and sensual with plenty of romance! ^_^




One thought on “(Men’s Camp) Boys Love Christmas Day

  1. Hello, I hope you feel better now. I want to thank you for this one, it was romantic.
    Also, I want to request another one. At the end of mens camp boys love chrismas day there is a preview to two other film and the first one in the preview is the one I’m searching since long ago but I couldn’t find it since I don’t have the name. So please can you post it on you site so I can watch it.
    I would be very grateful if you post it
    Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english it’s not my mother tongue.


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