Another Non JGV Post


Oiiii. Japanese is hard….Hiragana…Katakana…Kanji…

My poor brain. There’s so many characters, and I have to remember to read them the opposite way I was taught to read my own language. *_* It’s not too bad, I just can’t pick it up as quickly as say…spanish or french. I mean, those languages and english derive from the same place so the rules aren’t too different. Korean is such a nice, simple language that I picked most of the writing up in one day. That will NOT happen with Japanese! Not to mention, the characters seem a little bit harder for me to memorize. Is it that, or am I getting…OLD! *_* You know old people can’t retain stuff!

Huff, I don’t think being a translator is in my future. Hell, I don’t even know what career is in my future. The job market over here is… needs work. >__< Let’s just say…I probably won’t have a retirement fund to fall back on and I’m at peace with that.

I need another page to put this stuff on so you guys do have to be subject to my randomness unless you want to…Speaking of cat recently started sleeping with his balls out and it makes me super uncomfortable. XD




11 thoughts on “Another Non JGV Post

  1. Props to you from doing your best with languages! They’re so complicated! I’m trying to learn Korean and compared to Japanese, it’s so much harder for me haha
    Compared to hiragana/katakana/kanji, hangul is like 0_0 with those vowels


    • Really? You think so? I’m having a hard time writing the Japanese characters. I think I felt a little less intimidated by Korean because they’re were less characters to remember.


    • That is true, they are very similar with small changes, I still read really slow, so i think if I tried to read quickly in korean the vowels might trip me up too.


  2. I currently learning korean and my friend japanese . Whenever she looks over at my writing and asks me how far along i am she almost faint ( i have been going at it for a month , im almost done) . She says that japanese is sconfusing to with the different kanji and all that! But dont give up !!!

    P.s i was wondering if you could post some more softcore , like the omega ones but with two boys if posible 🙂

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  3. i’ve been trying to self-taught myself mandarin/chinese. i love chinese BL novels…hmm.. so far…i’m only able to recognize only some of the most basic of character. it is tough… XD

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