(Coat West) Precious Sosuke 2


I’m doing this post last minute. I was going to do the three softcore films and let that be it for today, buuuuut because 2 of those three films are kind of…blah, I figured I’d upload another that I really like.

If I am correct, this is the first time I’ve posted something solely about Sosuke. I know he was in some of the films I’ve posted, but the focus wasn’t on him. That’s pretty surprising because Sosuke is a JGV legend. He has FIVE Precious films dedicated to him! Not to mention an Extra Legend feature along with an extensive Videography! He’s been around for quite some time..I’m going to have to set aside some time to do research and see what info I can get on him. (in english lol).

This is the second of the five Precious Sosuke’s. This has one of my favorite scenes in it. Someone requested I do a list of scenes/films that I really like and I thought that was a good Idea. It’s taking me awhile to get done, but it’s bringing up a lot of memories, which is super fun. I was watching Sosuke before I knew who most of my favorite JGV actor were, including Sho, Nagi, and Hikaru. I was also introduced to Jin for the first time in this film, and oddly enough, I thought he was handsome, but stale.

The last scene is the one worth watching in my opinion. I rewatched this scene over and over again for a long time. It’s Yuto X Sosuke and it is So…suke sexy! Wow…that was bad! Forgive me! 0_0 lol XD.

The scene is so erotic and you can tell Sosuke is loving every minute of it. I loved the way Yuto would play with Souske’s ears, then kiss his way down his body and give a blowjob that was so great Sousuke had to make him stop before he finished. The sex was really good to, I like watching Sousuke take it doggy style because he always spreads his legs really wide (probably because he’s taller than a lot of his partners) and has a nice arch in his back.

A must watch scene that comes highly recommended.





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