I want to start another blog, one that’s more…legal. XD Of course I’d keep this one, JGV is my hobby and I loves it! What do you guys think it should be about? What are you all interested in? I’d like to know. ^_^


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    • I thought about that! But then I thought…I’m getting old (as far as kpop goes) and I don’t know a lot about the younger groups. Like, I can’t name most of the members from bts, exo, twice and so on. *_* I feel like it would all be references from like…2012! Lmao


  1. Haha the older groups still kicking would be great to hear about (looking forward to Girls Generation comeback this year!). Maybe starting a blog would get you more invested in new groups?

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  2. my suggestion:
    -bl/yaoi movies
    -bl/yaoi dramas
    -japan BLCD
    -chinese BL Radio drama/audio drama

    in any language…mandarin/chinese (hong kong/taiwan/mainland china), japanese, korean, thai, Philippine/tagalog, english….

    some of these chinese and japanese BL dramas/movies are kinda hard to find and download and eng subbed. some are aired on private/paid tv channel….and not that well and freely circulated on the net.

    however, this is just my suggestion. good day! 🙂 XD

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  3. Maybe your Korean/Japanese studying? I don’t know how interesting that would be for you, but it would be nice to look back on your progress, plus it’s easier to learn things when you share knowledge?

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  4. +1 to what Haneul said. Pursue something that interests you. If it is our interests as well, win-win. If not, then like minded folks with your same interest will eventually find your new blog. Whatever you decide, we look forward to the announcement.

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