(Coat West) Only Shining Star Teru


Sometimes I feel like Teru doesn’t really get the recognition he deserves. He is in quite a few films, however, you don’t really hear people talk about him. Well, don’t you worry Teru! I’m going to talk about you!

I’m going to start off by comparing him to Soh/Hayate. Like him, Teru is very innocent. Well, as innocent as you can get in JGV anyway. He has a cute, playful, almost naive personality and it’s hard not to use those words when talking about hm. Even when you look at the scenes he’s been in, he usually plays that character. The guy getting broken up with or cheated on, the lonely guy waiting on his lover, Etc.

His sex style is just like his personality. It’s very cute, yet passionate. He does a good job of getting into the scenes and making sure his partner is enjoying it as much as he is. He also gives good blowjobs, which always gets a few extra points from me! In this film you’ll get to spend some quality time with Teru as well as see him paired up with; Nagi, a Goggleman, Tsubasa, and Jin. ^_^




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