(Men’s Camp) KissxKISSxKiss



Have you ever heard of a rainy day movie? Well, this is a rainy day JGV. It’s very romantic, and almost…sappy. What I mean is, it’s very lovey dovey.


Get it?? Lovey Dovey?? No…ok..

That’s not a bad thing! It’s super adorable and filmed in typical Men’s Camp fashion so I’m sure you guys will love it!

Outside of the acting, the sex is pretty excellent! I was impressed because, sometime Men’s camp will give you a good story line, but the sex will be a little bit lacking. That’s how felt about Over The G-Line Boys Love. However, here the models were very erotic and quite passionate. I wouldn’t call it the best from MC, but definitely well done. If I can make one complaint it would be the way the light kind of washes out the models. I find many companies do that when the film is suppose to be cute and/or innocent.

Overall I do like this film quite a bit. The soft touches, light kisses, and caresses are definitely worth watching. Ahhh, young love, it’s enough to melt the heart! ^_^




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