(Ko Company) [Line] Work Out


Yay! My electricity didn’t go out! Th storms wen’r as bad as I though they were going to be thank goodness. It was really loud though!


This is another old favorite of mine. It’s the equivalent of CW’s Power Harassment and just as good! The first scene with Eiji wins hands down. There is zero competition, it was, and still is one of my favorites! I mean just look!

My second favorite is going to be scene 2 with Shota who loves to smile during sex. ^_^








5 thoughts on “(Ko Company) [Line] Work Out

  1. Glad to hear you weathered the storm (like the pun there?), I actually kind of like when the power goes out and it’s just the sound of the rain and the dark maybe lit with candles…not for too long though, I’d wanna get back to my internet haha

    Speaking of LINE films, have you run across Our Starving Lust? You know my position on hot guys in suits haha

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  4. What is the name of the boy in blue, striped underwear? And does he work for Ko Company because I couldn’t find his profile in your page with the list of Ko Company Models. Thanks!


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