(DeepBoys) I Love Boys: Kanata Matsuki


As you can see, this film has Kanata in it, and after the praise I gave him Last Week I definitely wanted to download another film with him in it.You may have noticed this film is from a different company than all of the other softcore films I have posted (Although it does seem closely related to ExitBoys and is probably a sub label.). With that being said…the directing of this film is going to be critiqued.

First of all, Kanata was fine, not great like in Boys Spirit, but still good. It was 100% the directing and editing that made this hard to watch. Starting with that music…OMG that music! Why?!

It’s not that the music itself was bad, but it does not fit this type of video. NO SINGING, I cannot watch a softcore film and enjoy the cute boyishness with singing in the background, and not just that, but the music wasn’t even the same genre through one scene! You start with soft rock, move to pop, then an awkward silence until the next song comes on…Later in the film you’re given an easy listning kind of song then what sounds like jazz and soul? *_* It was distracting. Buuuut, Muting is always an option so don’t let it bum you out too much.

Ok, RANDOM TIME…this film made me have a flashback. I swear flashbacks can be triggered by the strangest things. This time It was Kanata’s hair.


Wayyyy back in 2003 when I was in middle school, there was a doll out called “What’s Her Face”. The thing with these dolls is that they…had no face. lol! They came with a bunch of stamps and you could change their faces however you wanted.


I had a few and I really liked the website that they had for them too. Well, on said website they had the option to dress up a doll and the doll had hair kind of like Kanata’s.


It took me 15 minutes to find that picture, don’t judge me, it helps create a visual!

Anywho, the flask back was how I thought that hairstyle was super cool and asked my mom to do it for me. She did and for the entire day I had to deal with asshole 7th graders telling me I looked like I had dog ears..>__< I thought I was adorable! Hufff, people just don’t know fashion!

Ok, that was my random moment for today. ^_^ Enjoy the film!




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