Is Kii Leaving Ko Company?


Recently Kii has taken down his twitter and there have been rumors that he is leaving Ko Company. A lot of you have asked me if this is true and the answer is, I honestly don’t know. It’s always hard to know 100% if a model is leaving until they actually stop showing up, or make a statement about it (which they don’t usually do). However, I went to the Ko Company website and sent a message asking if Kii was leaving or if it was just a rumor, hopefully I should receive a response within 24 hrs. I’ll keep you guys updated with any new information I come across! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Is Kii Leaving Ko Company?

  1. Can I request men’s rush MR-KR665?
    They’re the hottest couple in jgv, and since they’re an actual couple, you can totally feel the love in this one and I really want to watch it haha


  2. I really hope not! Kii is one of my favorite new KO faces, if not my favorite…and I had the impression he was one of the more popular faces from how often they used him…so I hope he sticks around at least a little while longer and I can hear more of his cute voice and see more of his cute butt ❤

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