(Ko Company) [Deep] The Real Reason I Became A Sex Toy


You have to read EVERYTHING before you sign a contract. You get screwed over in the fine print. SO READ IT. lol

That goes for sex contracts too.

I found this film to be well directed. Well…as far as the sex goes anyway. I didn’t take as much time to understand the plot this time, but the general gist was easy enough to pick up on. A sex contract was signed, he clearly just skimmed it and got himself into some stuff he wasn’t expecting.

I don’t know the cover model’s name. I’m sure one of you can tell me, and if not, I will definitely find out! He is soooo horny and I loved all of the scenes in this film.The last one was particularly interesting as he was a totally different person after being used and abused.

This is another film I would really recommend. Oh my, am I starting to seem like a sadist again?!

UPDATE: The model is Kuuga…I don’t know how I missed that! *_*, In my defense, I’ve only seen him in like…one other thing and it was a long time ago! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!




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